Aagna is into export and import businesses with the motto of excellence has been growing tremendously in volume and its range of its products like Rice, Grains, Nuts, Spices, Cooking Masala Powders, Vegetables and Fruits. we have ability to supply on demand with market best competitive prices with fresh quality all over the year.With focus on being a full service operation, being able to offer clients full port representation in the Tamilnadu became an additional company requirement.
We focus on integrity in all our business dealings. We consider our clients, distributors and staff with respect, justice and integrity all the time. We are innovative company and always seek new ideas as well as new concepts for growth.
Our precision farming services equip farm managers with detailed information, and recommendations to support decision making and maximise productivity.Exporter and Importer Services. Exporting your products? Intertek can help you comply with import and export requirements.
With the persistent efforts of our experienced, as well as efficient professionals and adhering to the principles of Honesty, Innovation, Team-work and Excellence, Today Aagna have established a good reputation in co-operation with world renowned companies and can handle the various specifications as per customers requirements.
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